Whether it’s a service, an accident repair, a new accessory or simply advice you need, we can help.


Pay Monthly Service.

Planning for the road ahead has never been easier. With the BMW Pay Monthly Service Plan, you can remove the uncertainty often associated with servicing.

BMW Refresh Service.

BMW recommend that an Air Conditioning Service is carried out annually. This service eliminates 99% of viruses, including COVID-19. Our highly trained BMW technicians can clean and disinfect the evaporator and air duct systems, as well as treat the air vents and the interior to ensure an enjoyable cabin that is dust and allergen free.

Value Service.

BMW Value Service is now available on a variety of BMW models three years and older. As always, all work is carried out to the highest standards, with the only difference to you being the price.

MOT & MOT Protect.

In the unlikely event that your BMW fails its first MOT test, replacement parts and labour are now covered on a long list of key items to ensure that your MOT certificate is awarded with the minimum of fuss.


Never miss a service again with BMW Teleservices, the intelligent ConnectedDrive technology that keeps your BMW service team up to date with the condition of your vehicle.

Genuine Parts

If you are an independent repairer or wish to buy a part from us directly, please get in contact to discuss the range of Genuine BMW Parts for the Trade we have available.


AdBlue® technology reduces NOx emissions produced by our diesel engines to an absolute minimum by converting it into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). Find out more about how AdBlue® works.

Fine Dust Air Filter

Did you know millions of minuscule irritants manage to bypass standard car air filters? Even when your windows are shut, allergens and bacteria can find a way into your car.

BMW Autumn Check. For just £29.95.

Get ready for Autumn with a BMW Autumn Check for just £29.95. Shorter days and changeable weather make for unpredictable driving conditions in the Autumn. Start the Autumn season with confidence in your BMW and book your Autumn Check today.

Advanced Car Eye 2.0.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0. This highly quality full HD wide-angle camera allows critical driving situations to be recorded as well as detailed videos taken from the car's perspective. Priced at £475* for front & rear cameras, the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 can be fitted in 60 minutes to most BMW models*.

Air Conditioning.

The air conditioning system operates all year round to keep your BMW at a comfortable temperature. Whilst using the air conditioning on a regular basis helps to maintain its optimum functionality, it is important to have the system checked and serviced at regular intervals.

Service Icons.

Check when your BMW vehicle needs a service with your service indicators.


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